Tuesday Around the Grounds

Tuesday Around the Grounds


Swedish Ravens Announce 2016 Euro Cup Squad

The Ravens are getting really excited about the Euro Cup 2016! This year it will be held in Lisbon on the 8th of October and after a good start to the season for women´s footy in Sweden these are the players who have been selected for this years Euro Cup squad. Congratulations to the players below and most importantly, go Ravens!

Jenny Nilsson
Josefin Sjölén
Hanna Falkenström
Ida Rasmark
Isabelle Karlsson
Linnea Lindemann
Cecilia Andersson
Linn Gardell
Stina Nylinder
Sammy Vallgren
Jill Nilsson
My Almkvist
Cecilia Gelinder
Linnea Kempe
Elin Göransson

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AFL London has finished the season and move into finals

With Round 10 of AFL London now done and dusted all four divisions head into the first week of finals this Saturday 23rd July. A special mention goes to the Wimbledon Hawks who have made the finals with all three of their divisions, for the first time in their history. The first week of finals kicks off this week with:

Saturday 23rd July

Clapham Common

11am Social:                         South London Demons v Ealing Emus

12.30pm Conference:         Clapham Demons v Shepherds Bush Raiders

2.30pm Womens:                Wimbledon Hawks v North London Lions

4pm Premiers:                    Wandsworth Demons v West London Wildcats


Sunday 24th July

 Peckham Rye

11am Social:                         Reading Roos v Wimbledon Hawks

12.30pm Conference:         South East London Giants v North London Lions

2.30pm Women’s:               Wandsworth Demons v South East London Giants

4pm Premiers:                    North London Lions v Wimbledon Hawks


The Croatian Knights have announced their Euro Cup squad for Lisbon in October

The Croatian Knights have announced their 2016 AFL Europe Euro Cup team for the tournament on Saturday 8th October 2016, in Lisbon, Portugal.

Croatian Knights 2016:

  1. Igor Galez  (Zapruđe Giants)
  2. Tomislav Đuran  (Sesvete Double Blues)
  3. Miro Jurmanović  (Zagreb Cvjetno Dockers)
  4. Dejan Pavković  (Sesvete Double Blues)
  5. Filip Lenić  (Zapruđe Giants)
  6. Zvonimir Murković  (Zapruđe Giants)
  7. Josip Motik  (Sesvete Double Blues)
  8. Jan Doležal  (Zagreb Hawks)
  9. Hrvoje Kežić  (Ploče Eagles)
  10. Josip Habljak   (Sturt FC)
  11. Ivan Molnar   (Zagreb Cvjetno Dockers)
  12. Tomislav Cvetko (c) (Zagreb Cvjetno Dockers)
  13. Tomislav Nedić   (Velika Gorica Bombers)
  14. Bruno Benčić   (Zapruđe Giants)
  15. Ivan Ivoš   (Zagreb Cvjetno Dockers)
  16. Mislav Karamatić  (Sesvete Double Blues)

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 16.01.07

The Norrtälje Dockers have had their best start in history

 After 5-of-10 rounds play in the 2016 season, the Norrtälje Dockers have shot out of the blocks with their best start to a season to date, sitting in second place on the ladder heading into the summer break. The SAFF’s newest club have turned many heads this season winning 4-out-of-5 matches that they have played, going down only to last year’s premiers the Södermalm Blues, back in round 2.


Manchester Mosquitoes to host AFL CNE Grand Final in their 6th GF appearance

The Manchester Mozzies will host Nottingham Scorpions after beating Huddersfield Rams on the weekend 144-59, while the Nottingham Scorpions had a win over the Wolverhampton Wolverines to make it into the big dance. Saturday 23rd July will kick off with the plate final at 12pm and the Grand Final at 2pm at Burnage Rugby Club, SK4 3EA, Manchester.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 16.44.22

Euro Cup Registrations is now live!

 The 2016 AFL Europe Euro Cup registrations have now gone live for October 8th in Lisbon, Portugal. Registration is €110 + the Eventbrite fee, including accommodation, breakfast, registration for playing, an event T-Shirt and entry into the after party. Click here to register!


Denmark Vikings Axios Euro Cup Champions

After a mostly cloudy and wet day of competition on October 4th at The London Irish’s Hazelwood Centre facility, an almost faultless performance throughout the tournament by the Denmark Vikings gave them the 2014 Axios Euro Cup.

Although they did not compete in last year’s edition in Bordeaux, France, the Danes were looking to avenge their one point loss in the finals two years ago in Edinburgh to Ireland. The hard-fought Grand Final against the usually dominant Croatian Knights was an offensive display from Troels Ottesen, who scored half his team’s goals.

The Vikings dominant showing was showcased by a 109-point shutout over bottom but courageous Catalunya, which included 17 goals and 7 behinds, meaning The Vikings scored once every minute during the 25-minute game. Their defense was strong as well, as only the Welsh Dragons were able to score more than 2 goals on them.

Many attribute Denmark’s dominance to their youth development. Their competitive league begun in 1991. Only two other countries, Canada and Great Britain, had competitive football before Denmark. Now 23 years later, some of Denmark’s players have been playing since their childhood, something rare for European AFL athletes. This was undoubtedly the strongest team in their history. Performances of the European Legion talents Danes Mikkel Kjoge and Aksel Bang as well as Croat Josip “Pain Train” Habljak were congratulated.

16 Men’s team participated in this year’s cup. The German Black Eagles, Swedish Elks, Scottish Clansmen, Welsh Dragons, and champion Denmark Vikings all returned to this year’s competition after missing out in Bordeaux. The Netherlands Flying Dutchmen returned for the first time since 2011. Players from Czech Republic, Finland and Iceland were represented in the Crusaders team that was topped off by additional English players. We hope those teams return to the future Euro Cups.

PT2_0734 PT1_8236

Scores of the 2014 Axios Euro Cup:

Prince Charles Group

Italy Azzurri 5.6 (36) – Netherlands Flying Dutchmen 1.4 (10)
Netherlands: BGC van Schie
Italy: Denis Conte, Filippo Bolognese, Luigi Arnulfo, Andrea Lorenzi, Filippo Allosio
Netherlands: Daniel van Der Putten, MIchael van Eijk, Miguel Zuidberg Dos Martires
Italy: Daniele Gennara, Filippo Allosio, Andrea Lorenzi

France Les Coqs 4.4 (28) – German Black Eagles 5.5 (35)
Germany: Matthias Kluseman 3, Jakob Friedman 2, Johannes Mast
France: Henry Tiefenbach 2, Loïc Besnard-Gonthier, Pierre-Etienne Dandaleix
Germany: Ruben Stricher, Simon Assmus, Gannon Borchers
France: Pierre-Etienne Dandaleix, Pierre Boscart, Loïc Besnard-Gonthier

Italy Azzurri 2.2 (14) – German Black Eagles 5.5 (35)
Germany: Martin Schettoff 2, Jakob Friedman 2, Matthias Kluseman
Italy: Luigi Arnulfo, Federico Bernasconi
Germany: Martin Schettoff, Ruben Stricher, Florian Naumann
Italy: Federico Bernasconi, Luigi Arnulfo, Denis Conte

Netherlands Flying Dutchmen 0.0 (0) – France Les Coqs 3.2 (20)
France: Loïc Besnard-Gonthier 2, Julien Dagois
France: Pierre–Etienne Dandaleix, Loïc Besnard-Gonthier, Alban Schieber
Netherlands: Michael van Eijk, Daniel van der Putten, BGC van Schie

German Black Eagles 7.4 (46) – Netherlands Flying Dutchmen 0.1 (1)
Germany: Matthias Kluseman 3, Martin Schettoff 2, Ruben Stricher, Simon Assmus
Germany: Martin Schettoff, Gannon Borchers, Simon Assmus
Netherlands: Michael van Eijk, Daniel van der Putten, Renier J.M Vriend

Italy Azzurri 4.6 (30) – France Les Coqs 3.4 (22)
Italy: Denis Conte, Christian Tiranti, Andrea Lorenzi, Daniele Gennara
France: Henry Tiefenbach, Simon Mondin, Loïc Besnard-Gonthier
Italy: Andrea Lorenzi, Christian Tiranti, Denis Conte
France: Pierre–Etienne Dandaleix, Alban Schieber, Julien Gil

Winston Churchill Group

Ireland Warriors 6.3 (39) – Scotland Clansmen 0.3 (3)
Ireland: Gavin Murray 3, Coilin O Londrían 2, Cillian Conboy
Ireland: Gavin Murray, Declan Alder, David Miller
Scotland: N/A

Swedish Elks 7.8 (50) – Norwegian Trolls 1.3 (9)
Norway: Jorgen Boro
Sweden: Michael Larsson 5, Johan Lantz 2
Norway: Tobias Limseth, Brage Blomdal, Jorgen Boro
Sweden: Michael Larsson, Max Larsson, Tobias Slahl

Ireland Warriors 9.8 (62) – Norwegian Trolls 1.3 (9)
Norway: Andre Michaelsen
Ireland: Cillian Conboy 2, Coilin O Londrían 2, Richard MacSweeney, Padraic O’ Connell, Ronan Moran, Declan Alder, Roch Hanmore
Norway: Anders Thomt, Andre Klaffmo, Klas Harris
Ireland: Kevin O’ Brien, Gerard Walh, Declan Alder

Swedish Elks 2.13 (25) – Scotland Clansmen 2.1 (13)
Scotland: Cameron Goodall, Scott O’Hara
Sweden: Michael Larsson, Johan Lantz
Scotland: Ross Thomson, John McIntyre, Alexander Clark
Sweden: Max Larsson, Michael Larsson, Johan Lantz

Norwegian Trolls 0.3 (3) – Scotland Clansmen 3.8 (26)
Scotland: Alex Young 2, John McIntyre
Scotland: Alex Young, Cameron Goodall, Daniel Connor
Norway: Anders Thomt, Haarkon Molvig, Atle Brevik

Ireland Warriors 7.7 (49) – Swedish Elks 1.2 (8)
Ireland: Kevin O’Brien 3, Ciaran Caffrey, Roch Hanmore, Declan Alder, Cillian Conboy
Sweden: Jacob Lantz
Ireland: Kevin O’Brien, Rock Hanmore, Eoin O’Sullivan
Sweden: Max Larsson, Michael Larson, Jacob Lantz

Captain Cook Group

England Dragonslayers 11.12 (78) – Crusaders 0.0 (0)
England: Sam Willatt 2, Luke Booth 2, Ash Swift, Graham Bickerdike, Myles Hudson, Ross Ashman, Matt Whiteley, David Hastie, Luke Murchie
England: Will Worthington, George Dibble, Dave Hastie
Crusaders: James Clayton, Tomas Nemec, Jens Lofbancica

Spanish Bulls 0.1 (1) – Welsh Dragons 13.6 (84)
Wales: Andrew Atack 4, Chris James 3, Sam Jones 3
Wales: David Saunders, Christopher James, Liam Payne
Spain: N/A

England Dragonslayers 3.3 (21) – Welsh Dragons 2.5 (17)
Wales: Quad Boal, Chris James
England: N/A
Wales: David Saunders, Tort Case, Quad Boal
England: N/A

Spanish Bulls 1.1 (7) – Crusaders 2.9 (21)
Spain: Pedro Hernando
Crusaders: Joni Kinnari, Alex Overton
Spain: Pablo Màs, Juan Jose Martin de Cabo, Pedro Hernando
Crusaders: James Clayton, Alex Overton, Kristjan Blondal

Welsh Dragons 9.11 (65) – Crusaders 1.0 (6)
Wales: Chris James
Crusaders: N/A
Wales: David Saunders, Nick Lewis, Quad Boal
Crusaders: Alex Overton, Tomas Nemec, Warmon Pliestlic

England Dragonslayers 8.12 (60) – Spanish Bulls 1.0 (6)
Spain: Juan Palencia de Sarria
England: N/A
Spain: Juan Palencia de Sarria, Juan Jose Martin, Pablo Màs

Adam Goodes Group  

Croatian Knights (50) – Catalunya Llops (0)

Denmark Vikings 13.10 (88) – Austrian Avalanche 0.0 (0)
Denmark: Victor Petersen 3, Jonas Nielsen 2, Morten Meroj 2, Nicolai Secher 2, Mathias Biron, Mekkel Kjoge, Troels Ottensen
Denmark: Morten Meroj, Mikkel Kjoge, Jonas Nielsen
Austria: Markus Mayer, Lukas Holzegger, Konrad Traby

Croatian Knights 4.9 (33) – Austrian Avalanche 1.4 (10)
Austria: Markus Mayer
Croatia: David Lazanin, Tomislav Tonsetic, Josip Kravar, Zvonimir Marinovic
Austria: Martin Schittegg, Bernhard Voller, Markus Mayer
Croatia: Ivan Molnar, Zvonimir Murkovic, Josip Kravar

Denmark Vikings 17.7 (109) – Catalunya Llops 0.0 (0)
Denmark: Victor Petersen 4, Mikkel Kjoge 3, Nicolai Secher 3, Nathan Campion 2, Morten Engsbye 2, Jakob Oversgaard, Aksel Bang, Jens Djernes
Denmark: Victor Petersen, Mathias Biron, Mikkel Kjoge
Catalunya: N/A

Austrian Avalanche 13.9 (87) – Catalunya Llops 0.0 (0)
Austria: Erwin Shober 4, Bernhard Voller 2, Richard Claassen, Michael Jud, Lukas Holzegger, Martin Schitegg, Daniel Hansmann, Robert Greimer
Austria: Martin Schittegg, Daniel Hansmann, Erwin Shober
Catalunya: N/A

Croatian Knights 1.5 (11) – Denmark Vikings 2.5 (17)
Denmark: Troels Ottensen, Nicolai Secher
Croatia: N/A
Denmark: Mikkel Kjoge, Troels Ottensen, Mathias Biron
Croatia: N/A

PT1_8631 PT1_9564


Norwegian Trolls 3.9 (27) – Netherlands Flying Dutchmen 1.3 (9)
Norway: Rene Jensen, Amund Lundesgaard, Anders Thomt
Netherlands: Renier J.M Vriend
Norway: Rene Jensen, Anders Thomt, Amund Lundesgaard
Netherlands: Jort Kolman, Michael van Eijk, Gerrit Blanken

Spanish Bulls 5.4 (34) – Catalunya Llops 3.6 (24)
Spain: Jose Domingo Fernandez Diaz 3, Pedro Palencia de Sarria
Catalunya: N/A
Jose Domingo Fernandez Diaz, P. Palencia de Sarria, J. Palencia de Sarria
Catalunya: N/A

Norwegian Trolls 8.14 (62) – Spanish Bulls 0.0 (0)
Norway: Andreas Berge 2, Rene Damborg Jensen, Jorgen Boro, Klas Harris, Liam Hardy, Tobias Limseth, Haakon Molvig
Norway: Anders Thomt, Rene Damborg, Tobias Limseth
Spain: Juan Jose Martin de Cabo, Pablo Màs, Joaquin Campuzano Gomez

Catalunya Llops 7.8 (50) – Netherlands Flying Dutchmen 1.6 (12)
Netherlands: Jort Kolman
Catalunya: N/A
Netherlands: Jort Kolmn, Pedro Miguel Zuidberg Dos Martires, Michael van Eijk
Catalunya: N/A



France Les Coqs 5.5 (35) – Scotland Clansmen 1.6 (12)
France Goal: Henry Tiefenchach 2, Jeremy Sardim 2, Clement Bouchet
Scotland: Daniel Connor
France: Jeremy Sardim, Julien Dagois, Gregoire Chatel
Scotland: Cameron Goodall, David Gramble, Michael Douglas

Austria Avalanche 9.6 (60) – Crusaders 2.3 (15)
Austria: Erwin Shober 3, Andreas Jauk 2, Michael Jud 2, Markus Mayer, Richard Claasen, Bernhard Plank
Crusaders: Tomas Nemec 2
Austria: Bernhard Plank, Michael Jud, Andreas Jauk
Crusaders: Tomas Nemec, Dominic Meny, Alex Overton

Austria Avalanche 4.1 (25) – France Les Coqs 4.8 (32)
HT: Austria Avalanche 4.0 (24) – France Les Coqs 1.2 (8)
Austria: Erwin Shober 2, Michael Jud, Markus Mayer
France: Julien Gil, Pierre Boscart, Gregoire Chatel
Austria: Markus Mayer, Erwin Schober, Michael Jud
France: Pierre–Etienne Dandeleix, Gregoire Chatel, Alban Schieber

Crusaders 0.1 (1) – Scottish Clansmen 8.12 (60)
Scotland: Daniel Connor 2, Scott O’Hara 2, Ross Thomson, Alex Young, Gus Thomson
Crusaders: James Clayton, Tomas Nemec, Warmon Pliestic
Scotland: N/A

IMG_7781 IMG_7740


German Black Eagles 4.2 (26) – Swedish Elks 1.4 (10)
Germany: Matthias Kluseman 3, Florian Naumann
Sweden: Jacob Nilsson
Germany: Florian Naumann, Martin Schettoff, Johannes Mast
Sweden: Hampus Olsson, SIgurd Kristisansen, Jens Ebbesson

Croatian Knights 4.1 (25) – England Dragonslayers 3.4 (22)
Croatia: Tomislav Cvetko 2, Lovre Cudina, Josip Kravar
England: N/A
Croatia: Tomislav Cvetko, Josip Kravar, Tompa
England: N/A

Italy Azzurri 0.1 (1) – Ireland Warriors 5.10 (40)
Ireland: David Miller, Roch Hanmore, Cillian Conboy, Gareth Carragher, Gavin Murray
Italy: Filippo Allosio, Andrea Lorenzi, Thomas Diana
Ireland: David Miller, Gareth Carragher, Ciaran Caffrey

Denmark Vikings 5.3 (33) – Welsh Dragons 3.2 (20)
Denmark: Troels Ottesen 4, Jens Djenes
Wales: N/A
Denmark:Troels Ottesen, Jens Djenes, Thore Lauritzen
Wales: N/A

England Dragonslayers 2.5 (17) – Welsh Dragons 7.6 (48)

Swedish Elks 6.9 (45) – Italy Azzurri 2.2 (14)


Croatian Knights 7.9 (51) – German Black Eagles 2.4 (16)
HT: Croatian Knights 4.4 (28) – German Black Eagles 1.0 (6)
Croatia: Josip Kravar 3, Josip Habljak, Jan Dolezal, Tomislav Cvetko, Misel Lubina, Zvone Marinovic
Germany: Stefen Risse, Matthias Kluseman
Croatia: Josip Habljak, Josip Kravar, Ivan Lijovic
Germany: N/A 

Ireland Warriors 2.1 (13) – Denmark Vikings 7.10 (52)
HT: Ireland Warriors 1.1 (7) – Denmark Vikings 4.4 (28)
Ireland: Roch Hamore 2
Denmark: Mikkel Kjoge 3, Nicolai Secher 2, Troels Ottesen, Mathias Biron
Ireland: Eoin O’Sullivan, Kevin O’Brien, Roch Hanmore
Denmark: Mikkel Kjoge, Troels Ottesen, Thore Lauritzen

Ireland Warriors 7.6 (48) – German Black Eagles 2.2 (14)
HT: Ireland Warriors 2.2 (14) – German Black Eagles 1.1 (7)
Ireland: Coilin O’Londrian 3, Roch Hanmore 2, Kevin O’Brien 2, Gerard Walls
Germany: N/A
Ireland: Gerard Walls, Coilin O’Londrain, Ciaran Caffrey
Germany: N/A 

Denmark Vikings 6.4 (40) – Croatian Knights 2.4 (16)
HT: Denmark Vikings 2.3 (15) – Croatian Knights 1.1 (7)
Denmark: Troels Ottesen 3, Nathan Campion, Mikkel Kjoge, Mathias Biron
Croatia: N/A
Denmark: Nathan Campion, Mikkel Kjoge, Mathias Biron
Croatia: N/A

PT2_0852 PT2_0888

AEC Men's Scores