2014 Topdeck ANZAC Cup Fast Approaching

AFL Europe now turns its attention to the 6th edition of the Topdeck ANZAC Cup to be held at the historic location of Villers Bretonneux in France on the 26th of April. In World War 1 this location was the site of the worlds first battle between tank forces and cost the Australian army 1200 lives. To pay tribute to the role the ANZACs played the Australian team will play the French team in what promises to be a memorable match for both players and spectators. Those chosen to represent Australia were not chosen solely on their football ability but also their personal connection and interest in the history that surrounds the ANZACs.

The weekend will commence on Friday with the Dawn Service to be held from 3am- 6am at the Australian War Memorial of Villers Bretonneux. On Saturday the teams will attend the commemoration at the Australian War Memorial followed by the team march which will leave from Place Robinvalle.

The game will kick off at 3:30pm at Stade Timmerman in Villers Bretonneux on Saturday the 26th.

Anzac Cup