Titans maintain winning run with Grand Final victory

Match Report: Grand Final
Saturday 27th July 2013

Southampton Titans     6.1 (37) | 10.2 (62) | 15.4 (94) | 18.9 (117) 
Bournemouth Demons 2.0 (12) | 6.3 (39) | 7.7 (49) | 8.8 (56)

Southampton Titans capped off their undefeated run last weekend by winning the AFL England South Grand Final by 61 points over the Bournemouth Demons on Saturday.

The Titans began the match in devastating form, kicking a total of 6 goals for the first quarter to the Demons 2. The second term was a more even contest with the Demons starting the quarter with 3 successive goals. At the major break the Titans had a 23 point lead and the unfortunate Demons had 2 of their key players off the pitch with injuries.

In the second half the Titans picked up the pace and added 8 goals to the Demons 2. The central trio of Martyn Hinchey, Matt Warwick and Farai Goredema-Braid were unstoppable, and the ever reliable Dom Delegate and Adam Street were solid in defence. The Titans forwards, Thomas Fitzpatrick and Kieran Doyle were ruthless in front of goal, kicking 11 goals between them for the match.

At the final siren the Titans had defeated the Demons by 61 points to win their first premiership since 2008.

Matt Hook