Spanish Bulls horns not quite sharp enough to spear a Clansmen

AFL Scotland and AFL España recently completed the first in a home-away series of test matches between both national sides.

The first test took place on the 10th of May in Madrid where both teams fielded strong sides. The preparation and organisation for the test match shows how much respect both sides showed one another. With AFL Scotland holding a training camp a month before the game to select its strongest side and volunteering to travel first up they are looking to put its best foot forward in the international community and be respected with the professional attitude everyone involved emulates.

AFL Scotland President John McIntyre had this to say on the Test Series, “We had an internal review of our progress in regards to our National team and we felt we hadn’t put the 100% effort playing and administrating which is demanded at participating at this level so we decided that to move forward we would actively seek to play teams each year which could challenge where we thought we sat in terms of the talent in Europe internationally. The AFL Scotland board spoke with the coaches and also sought the opinions of the players as to where we all thought we sat. It was decided that Spain were the ideal opponents to test ourselves against, we consider them a good side one that has done well in recent Euro Cups. We contacted Dani Ribas to see if they would be receptive of the idea and Dani was more than happy with the plan. “

The match on the day was a tough affair both sides battling hard at each contest, a spirited Scotland side were not deterred by the heat on the day and the match ended with a score line which flattered the Clansmen 77-37.

The Spanish Bulls are set for the return leg of the series in 2015 the date still to be confirmed.