Player of the Week

Each week AFL Europe is profiling a European player and finding out how they got into the great game of Aussie Rules and a bit about themselves. If you’d like a profile or know of someone who would, then email to receive a question sheet.

This week we’re taking a look at the man behind the CNFA’s newest club, the Blagnac Aviators, Anthony Girard.


Anthony Girard





What position do you play?


AFL team you support:

Sydney Swans

Favourite AFL player:

Gregoire Patacq at Rostrevor Old Collegians. I’m so sorry, it’s only man I know who plays in Australia.

How did you find out about AFL?

Honeymoon in Australia

How long have you been playing for?

I’m playing a year in Toulouse Hawks and I started this season with the Blagnac Aviators

What is your memory of your first Aussie Rules game?

It’s a playful game and fun. I feel like a kid when playing!

Best AFL moment?

AFL Grand final SWANS vs BULLDOGS, my first final on TV

Any other interesting information, quirky stories or interesting things about yourself?

For my first training, I take a big shepherd on my hip… I realized that this sport was made for me but I had to quickly assimilate all the rules.

At the end of my first year, I was proud to receive from my team the title of best rookie.

BUT MOST PROUD when my friend always, Robin AZIZA, asked me to create a new Australian Football Team in the city of Blagnac. It is a very rewarding experience from a personal point of view to create everything but it’s not easy.

Goodes throws full support behind AFL England and the touring GB Bulldogs

Adam Goodes has recently agreed to become AFL England’s Ambassador which will also extend to supporting the GB Bulldogs on their quest for success at IC14 in Australia this August. Goodes has long been interested in the growth of the game internationally including twice representing Australia in the International Rules Series. He has the huge honour of being Australian of the year in 2014 along with searching for his third premiership with the Sydney Swans.
“I am really happy to help grow the game internationally and support the AFL England guys at the IC14 in August. I look forward to watching them perform and supporting the Bulldogs and all the other Nations participating.” Goodes stated recently. 
Adam Bennett, AFL England President said “We are thrilled that someone of Adam’s standing in the game of AFL and the Australian community is prepared to get behind our efforts to grow the game in England and the Bulldogs ambitions in Australia. Adam represents everything that attracts British players to the sport (Athletic, Fair, Mateship) and we look forward to developing the relationship with him”.
“To have Adam on board as an ambassador will give the players a massive boost. For them to know that an AFL superstar is supporting them and watching with interest is a real coup” National Coach Mark Pitura added.
The GB Bulldogs are participating in the International Cup 2014 from the 9th – 23rd August and are aiming to achieve their best result.