IC14 Men’s & Women’s Draw – Key Events

Following the announcement of the Women’s draw for the 2014 International Cup, see below information about Men’s & Women’s Teams and Draw as well as the Schedule of the 2 weeks.

IC14 Information – Teams, Men’s & Women’s Draw, Schedule

AFL Austria launches new league

Martin Schittegg

The kickoff for the Austrian Footy League (AFL Austria as working title) is done and we had a great evening/night of footy on 16th of July.

There are three teams: (all with some DownUnderDogs players and some rookies)

Castle Rock Mammoths

Castle Rock Mammoths

Gradec Earthmovers

Gradec Earthmovers

Murtal Mountain Goats

Murtal Mountain Goats

Although some players where not available we still had 10 players on each team and so we could play all matches 9 a side (with 2 umpires, 2 goal umpire, and 2 guys for scoreboard and statistics)

We had three matches (each 2 x 15 minutes (Euro Cup format)
Mammoths – Earthmovers: 39 (6.3) : 25 (3.7)
Earthmovers – Mountain Goats: 23 (2.5) : 22 (3.4)
Mountain Goats – Mammoths: 49 (7.7) : 18 (2.6)

and the ladder after the first day is:
1. Mountain Goats: 4 Points 71:41 (173%)
2. Earthmovers: 4 Points 48:61 (78%)
3. Mammoths: 4 Points 57:74 (77%)

So every team has had a victory and the spirit of all teams was great. We had the perfect mixture between fun and ambition to win and all players are very motivated and are already looking forward to the next game day.

The next game day will be 10th August dependant on player availability.

It was a great day for the DownUnderDogs and a great day for footy in our region.


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