Player of the Week – Filipe Lenic

Each week AFL Europe is profiling a European player and finding out how they got into the great game of Aussie Rules and a bit about themselves. If you’d like a profile or know of someone who would, then email to receive a question sheet.

This week sees our first player profile outside of England. Filipe Lenic, nicknamed the ‘Killer Whale’ is born and bred in Zagreb, Croatia. He is a founding member of the Zaprude Giants and was a major factor in the first premiership in 2012. Filip is a regular in the Croatian National side who the coach says is irreplaceable due to his competitive spirit. He represented the European Legion in 2014 and is widely regarded as one of the toughest players to come out of Croatia.


Filip Lenic


Zaprude Giants



What position do you play?


Favourite AFL player:

Ex European Legion teammate, Josip Habljak

How did you find out about AFL?

The AAFC footy school

How long have you been playing for?

Since 2011

What is your memory of your first Aussie Rules game?

Forcing my opponent to earn mark and goal

Best AFL moment?

Winning the 2012 Croatian Premiership

Any other interesting information, quirky stories or interesting things about yourself?

Nicknamed the ‘Killer Whale’.