Umpire Spotlight – Jason Ransome

An experienced umpire in Australia from a young age, Jason Ransome’s passion has taken him across the globe to where he is now a big part of the AFL Europe community.

Playing footy in Melbourne up until under 13’s, Jason and his friends found umpiring as a chance to earn some pocket money. Quickly realising that it is more than just a way to make money, he found it to be a great part of the game and rewarding in so many ways.

“It may not look like fun, but’s its extremely rewarding both mentally and physically. There is a great sense of satisfaction at the end of a match.”

Jason started his umpiring career as a boundary umpire in the Diamond Valley Football League (DVFL) senior games on Saturdays and field umpiring the juniors on Sunday.

With ten years of umpiring experience in Melbourne under his belt, Jason has become one of the top AFL Europe umpires and is a vital part of major tournaments around the continent.

Picture of young Jason, second from the left in the DVFL Umpires Association

Jason has umpired in Switzerland, Sweden and the Netherlands since leaving Melbourne, and wants to continue to expand his passion of umpiring in other parts of the world.

These great efforts to help grow the Australian game across Europe have also landed him a spot umpiring at the latest Euro Cup in Sweden last month and Jason was thrilled to be a part of it all.

“Umpiring the women’s final between Ireland and England at this years Euro Cup in Norrtälje is definitely a real highlight. They were two great teams and the atmosphere from the crowd was exciting.”

Through his involvement in many umpiring communities, Jason has realised how special umpiring can be to share with the people around you and how great of an opportunity it is to build relationships with others.

“It was so special to umpire with my father Ray Ransome in Australia and now umpiring with fellow AFL Switzerland umpire James Olle. When you umpire with someone you know, you work as a team and it makes it much more enjoyable.”

Seeing the growth in Switzerland first hand, Jason is extremely pleased with how well the game is growing and feels honoured to be a part of it all.

“I really love seeing newcomers to our great game play their first match and watching the enjoyment on their faces as they take their first kick, mark or score a goal. I have absolutely loved watching our Swiss nationals improve over the last two years.”

Already achieving so much in his umpiring career, Jason is always setting new goals, including his desire to become an awarded top umpire at a major AFL Europe tournament.

“After seeing my great mate James win a golden whistle at this years Champions League in Amsterdam and how he was celebrated here in Switzerland for his achievement, it is definitely now my goal to be the best umpire at an AFL Europe tournament and also, once, win a golden whistle.”

After being able to umpire in four different countries and some major European tournaments anything seems possible for Jason. Many of his goals and more will be reached in the coming years and he will continue to have a great 2019 on the field.

Liam McAllion – AFL Europe