Women’s footy has a new champion!

The Women’s competition in the Axios Euro Cup 2013 was won by the European Crusaders, defeating France 45-26.

Women Crusaders came from all over Europe, with players from Switzerland, Italy, Iceland, UK and France. It was the first time that the French national team has played an international game.

The women played four quarters of 15 minutes each. The Crusaders, led by their coach Mattia Sacchi showed great skill throughout the game and good potential for future development in female football of the countries represented. The French Inattendues (“unexpected” in French) and their coach Pascal Ivorra competed well but couldn’t match the Crusaders finishing skills.

Erin Walter from Switzerland (American born) was named the best player on the ground.

This game witnessed a lot of excitement from both sides, everyone was very happy to play in this competition and it was a great opportunity for European women to meet each other and share their passion in this great event. No doubt that all these players will go back home willing to share their experience and motivation with their clubs and friends.