Zagreb Hawks Premier of the Croatian League

AAFC President, Croatian Knights player and Hawk hero Josip Kravar tells about their recent league premiership.

Zagreb Hawks won the Croatian League against our friends from Graz for the first time in our short history from 2006. The Hawks have tried so many times to raise this cup, mostly finishing as runners up, but this year we were superior.

After last year seeing the worst performance in the hawks history which involved struggles to have 9 players for every game, losing matches against the Bombers (now Dockers), Giants and Dogs, this season we showed something completely different.

From October 2012, the Hawks showed that working hard for the team pays and we managed to raise a reasonable number of players in the club. Now we are the Croatian club with the most active players. Also, the Hawks traded Milijan Mamić for Tomislav Cvetko (Knights captain and AFL Europe Championships 2013 top scorer) from Dockers and until 2013 they raised young guns that have been recognized on European big stage (Josip Habljak, Hawks rookie was the first ruckman in the team of the tournament European Championship 2013).

During the season, Zagreb Hawks only lost their opening game against the Giants and lost their last game. October 2013 confirmed the Hawks domination against Styrian Downunderdogs.

Best and fairest player of 2013 was Tomislav Cvetko who was also the best goal kicker. Best rookie of 2013 was Josip Habljak.

Next week, the Hawks will attend the Croatian Cup which is a charity event and the last event in the Croatian footy calendar.

There is a great atmosphere in the club, dedication on the field and off the field were recognized and rewarded during the same year as when our brother club won the Premiership. This year has been good for Hawks and here in Croatia, Zagreb Hawks will try to make it a standard story.

In the end, big thanks to our brother club Hawthorn Hawks, especially Mr. Ian Dicker who unselfishly helped us so many times.

Finally, the cup is ours.

Hawks premiership players: Luka Punda, Tomislav Marsic, Frane Boban, Luka Diklic, Josip Kravar, Jan Dolezal, Josip Habljak, Jure Prtenjaca, Dejan Pavkovic, Tomislav Cvetko, Josip Josipovic (c), Dinko Irsag, Marin Kolanovic, Branko Ban, Luka Dukic, Goran Pereš,  Matija Bašić, Kruno Cvitaš,

Coach: Josip Kravar

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